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Saturday, March 14, 2009

digging out and coming around

Ok, so what does one talk about on a blog after being incommunicado for almost 9 months? No, I didn't have a baby.

I did have a pretty interesting holiday season, though, with something of a "perfect storm" of stressful tasks, as work, family, and health issues all seemed to come around at the same time! But I shouldn't complain; I'd rather have too many tasks than not enough, and I know how many people are dealing with the challenges of too much time on their hands these days!

Now that I'm getting through the worst of the frantic-ness, though, I'm finally managing to both think ahead and look back to catch up on what I have not been doing these past months. And that paradox of looking ahead and behind at the same time (or would you call that schizophrenia ;-) explains my day, part of which I spent on a teleconference looking at ways to bring the journal I work on into the cutting-edge future of digital and online publishing.

And now I'm trying to catch up with this blog, and with some e-mails I've been owing people. But my greatest catch-up effort of the day was this morning---I took my cats to the vet. All of them. All three cats. All three cats, who weigh 11, 13.5, and 19.5 lbs, respectively (not counting the cat carriers. . . that they each need their own separate one of), to the vet.

Happily, I had help in the form of my niece, who's great with animals. Though don't ask for a recommendation from my kittys for her. They're a little angry with her at the moment. Also happily, they are all pretty healthy girls. Unhappily, though, I'm apparently not the only one in the household who could stand to lose a few pounds.

Course, I could just try to get them into the cat carriers every day. Chasing each other around the house ought to be enough exercise for all of us!


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