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This is the chronicle of one woman's forays into knitting, crocheting, spinning, embroidery, papercrafts, and whatever else catches my fancy at any given time. Oh, and I talk about my cats a lot, too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Excuses, excuses!

I was going to post my many reasons for not being able to post more often, but, really, what difference does it make why?
It has been a bit of a tough spring in diva-ville so far, not at all helped by the fact that it's spring by the calendar but not by the thermometer! Can't complain too much about the weather, though---at least it didn't snow on Easter here. I do feel for my poor daffodils, though. They started to come up when it was warm in February, then just stopped through the remaining bitter cold winter days, but managed not to freeze. Then the mild days in March brought them blooming forth, only to get mired in frost again. Poor things; I swear I can see them shivering in the mornings when I leave for work!
In other bad news, in addition to some unrelated work tension, I'm sorry to say that we've lost another dear colleague, this time to esophageal cancer. I work for a non-profit oncology information organization, and he was a physician who'd worked tirelessly throughout his long career to improve patient care for people with cancer. Which makes his death from complications of cancer all the more painful, I think, and proof that none of us are immune.

So, if you'll forgive a little public service announcement in my effort to honor his life's work by getting the word out there every way I can: take care of your health!, and make sure that you go for screenings on a regular basis. My organization is primarily for health care professionals, but the American Cancer Society has information on prevention and early detection of cancer.

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled fiber-related "programming":
I'm not sure if I ever posted my pics of the singles that I made from the fiber my spin to knit pal Holly sent me. I'm actually pretty proud of it, since I usually ply, and this is just a little overspun ;-).
And this is the start of the scarf for my mystery skein swap partner. This was taken a while ago---the scarf is finished and just waiting to be blocked. The white and brown were Debbie's handspun, and I added the purple and maroon and worked it in a modular pattern. I enjoyed it, but like so many things I take on, I will say that the next time I think I'm going to do something that involves changing colors every block like this, someone please remind me that I don't like changing colors every block! I think it did come out cute, though, and I really enjoyed working with the different handspun!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The promised pictures of my cats

First, thanks Sarah and Beth for your kind comments on the tote bag. I'm still trying to figure out whether the polite thing is to e-mail you or add a comment of my own, so I decided to thank you in this post.
Then, a request was made for me to post pictures of the kitties, and it's not like I don't have pictures of the kitties, so here we go:
This is Ellinor, who I have clearly disturbed from a nap (which she thinks it's not polite to do for anything other than treats).
Charlotte was, apparently, birdwatching, but she looks no less annoyed. Though that may be just because she doesn't really like having her picture taken. She's trying to convince me that she's in the witness protection program, but I think it's just that she doesn't like the flash!
Emma just thinks it's funny!