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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Minus 1 gallbladder, and recovering nicely

I'm happy to say that I'm through my surgery and recovering (so far, knock wood) nicely. In fact, I've actually had less pain than I thought I was going to, though I was probably twice as scared as I expected to be. Seriously, in the category of "things you learn about yourself as you get older" I can add, "Am a serious sissy-mary about surgeries...genuine baby; total wimp; couldn't manage a 'Die-Hard'-style quip under pressure if my very life depended on it!" (And please don't ever tell me that my life depends on it, cause I just couldn't handle any more pressure when I'm that scared!)

Luckily, the folks at the hospital were very nice, and didn't seem to mind, too much, my scaredy-cat-ness. I mean, the anesthesiologist was perhaps a little annoyed when I actually made her put her hand on her heart and promise, on the heads of her children, to be sure that I was completely asleep before giving me any kind of paralytic agent, but, bless her heart, she did it. And the surgeon was very reassuring when my honest answer to the question, "so how are you doing?" was "completely terrified, thanks, how are you?"
He, of course, wasn't scared at all. Perfectly at ease...not worried about a thing. Though, when I think about it, I guess confidence is better than empathy when you are talking about the man who's about to cut small holes in your tummy to stick in knives and cameras and pull out organs. (Wow, when I say it that way....ewwww....glad I didn't think too much about the particulars *before* having it done.)
The nurse anesthetist who wheeled me down to the OR and helped get me set up was also a sweetie. (Mark was his name; interestingly, his is the only name I remember, though absolutely everyone from the woman at the admission desk to the nurse who brought me ginger ale in the holding room after told me their names. I think it was because he was so nice. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was it. The fact that he was a good-looking young man was beside the point....I'm pretty sure ;-)
Anyway, I'm pleased that everything went so well, and I'm terribly grateful for the good wishes and prayers sent my way! And now, hopefully, I can get back to the regularly scheduled fiber content ;-) (and no, I haven't gotten nearly as much knitting done during my recovery as you would think!)